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Why You Need To Have A Glass Fence Around Your Pool

Everyone who wants a construct a swimming pool in his home knows that it is crucial to have a wall around it for the safety of children and toddlers who can easily fall into a pool and drown when you are not watching. Traditional fencing relies on using a metal rod fence to keep away children. However, this type of fence is not attractive and also makes your swimming appear smaller. This is where a glass fence comes in. Before getting to the advantages of a glass fence for your swimming pool, here are regulations regarding a swimming pool fence that you must adhere to:

  • All swimming pool fences must be a 1200mm height form the bottom.
  • There should not be any climbable objects or vegetation close to 900mm of the swimming pool fence.
  • All swimming pool gates should be self-latching and self-closing
    When constructing a swimming pool, remember to watch out and adhere to these regulations.

Stylish pool fencing

There are always misconceptions and speculations that due to these rules, swimming pool fencing can look unattractive or overbearing. This is, however, not the case with glass fencing from There are a lot of beautiful options that come with glass fencing. Glass itself is an alternative to traditional fences that are sometimes invasive in nature. Apart from securing your pool, a glass fence unlocks your landscape potential look by merging your pool and garden as one. This makes your pool even more beautiful.

Pool safety

Apart from aesthetics, a glass fence around your pool ensures that your children are protected from drowning and potential injuries. Even if you don’t have children, a glass fence will ensure the safety of visiting children who may come or visit your premises.

Protects your pets that cannot swim

Glass pools fencing also helps in protecting our pets that cannot swim. While most animals are able to swim, some are unable to swim. A pool fence helps in ensuring that our pets are safe from drowning.

Less maintenance required

Glass fences don’t require painting or oiling since they can’t rust. They only need to be washed using a detergent when they become dirty.

A glass fence is very durable and strong

The glass used for making this kind of fences is usually heated to over 800 degrees and then cooled immediately. This results in sturdy glass fences that cannot break even if someone falls on them.

Glass fences also make a good windbreak. They keep out all the wind while only letting the sun in. This may, at times, extend the use of the pool in colder months. Also, you will be able to grow pants that require little wind and temperatures to grow well.

It is also appealing to have a glass fence since you will not have to forego seeing your beautiful garden because your pool’s wall is not transparent. A glass fence allows you to enjoy seeing your flowers regardless of where you are chilling out at the swimming pool.