Pack the Courthouse – Challenge to the Adequacy of ODSP Medical Travel Benefit

The Income Security Advocacy Centre and Aboriginal Legal Services are asking for your support by attending an important court hearing taking place in Toronto on September 19th.

What is the case about?

Many persons with disabilities face higher costs of living, including the cost of travel to medical treatment. Accessing medical treatment is vital to ensure the health and wellness of Ontario Disability Support Program recipients. In recognition of this need, ODSP reimburses recipients for their costs of medical travel.

But for those who must travel by car, whether because of where they live or because of the nature of their disabilities, ODSP only provides a mileage rate of 18 cents per kilometre. The mileage rate has stayed the same since 2000, even though the cost of gas has gone up by over 130 percent. In contrast, the federal government sets the medical travel rate at 55 cents per kilometre for tax purposes.

With a mileage rate set so low, ODSP recipients face the choice of foregoing medical treatment or using money they need for food and shelter to cover the cost of travel.

When and where

The Income Security Advocacy Centre and Aboriginal Legal Services are working together to represent a recipient who is challenging the mileage rate.

You can support the case by helping us to fill the courtroom. We want to show the court that many people in the community care about the issues.

Here are the details:

WHEN: Monday September 19

WHERE: Divisional Court, 130 Queen Street West (north-east corner of Queen and University), Courtroom 3

TIME: 9:30 am to 1 pm

RSVP: If you plan to attend, please contact Liz Walker from Income Security Advocacy Centre at



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