The Election of Donald Trump – Implications for our Social Justice Work

­­What will the election of Donald Trump mean to those involved in social justice work in Canada? Here is a random sampling of six insights recently found in print and social media.donald-tump-1

1.  On Social Justice 

“Time for deep breaths and thoughtful reaction. Important to reach out to American friends and allies in our common struggle for justice.” – Maude Barlow Chairperson of the Council of Canadians

2. On Discrimination and Racism

“We’re very close to the U.S. and I can see it coming to Canada. “We’re not immune. We stand with them and we’re not going to take this lying down if it does happen here.” – Miral El-Hussein. El-Hussein was prompted to organize a large Toronto protest after a man at a bar on election night asked her where she was from. When she responded that she was from Lebanon, he told her that she would be ‘going home soon.’ As reported by CTV Toronto. )

3.  On the Economy

The Trump Plan to stimulate the U.S. economy is going to raise debt, raise inflation and it is going to raise interest rates……He is going to be creating a recession (according to most economists) with what he is doing.”  – Armine Yalnizyan (pictured to the left)armine  


4.  On Climate Change and our Environment

I think this is a real warning to us that we need something deeper that can protect us against the fluctuations that come with political change. That’s why we’re saying we need a change in our charter of rights and freedoms.” – David Suzuki to the Canadian Press as reported by the Globe and Mail.     

5.  On Peace and Economic Justice.

 “…we must urgently confront and battle racism and misogyny in our culture, in our movements, and in ourselves. This cannot be an afterthought, it cannot be an add-on. It is central to how someone like Trump can rise to power.

Neither can we tell ourselves that when we fight for peace and economic justice, it will benefit black people and Indigenous people the most because they are the most victimized in our current system of economic inequality, state repression, and climate change. There is too long and too painful a track record of left and liberal movements leaving workers of color and Indigenous people and women and their labor out in the cold. To build a truly inclusive movement, there needs to be a truly inclusive vision that starts with, and is led by, the most brutalized and excluded.” –Naomi Klein  

6.  On Organizing between Elections

“Civic engagement is one way to engage democracy, and our lives don’t revolve around election cycles. We are obliged to earn the trust of future generations — to defend economic, social and political power for all people. We are confident that we have the commitment, the people power and the vision to organize our country into a safe place for black people — one that leads with inclusivity and a commitment to justice, not intimidation and fear.”Black Lives Matter


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