“Raise the Rates” Minister Told

Provincial consultations on the proposed Basic Income Pilot Project are running during January across Ontario. Here is a report on the Thunder Bay consultation from Mike Balkwill of Put Food in the Budget.



“I remember MP’s staying in the house 14 hours to pass their own raise – so they can get things done when they want to”  

This is how Eugene introduced the emergency resolution to raise the rates in Thunder Bay on Thursday night.   https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VIEa6JVlF6c&feature=youtu.be

Eugene called for an immediate billion dollar investment to raise the rates. http://isarc.ca/home-eh/billion-or-bust-campaign/ Eugene’s point is if politicians can ‘raise the rates’ for themselves, then surely they can raise them for people living in poverty so deep they can’t put food in their budget.

People from labour unions, Indigenous people’s organizations, anti-poverty groups, injured workers groups and others demonstrated outside the Victoria Inn in Thunder Bay before the Basic Income consultation and then brought their demands into the meeting.


Three Ministers – Chris Ballard, Michael Gravelle and Bill Mauro – heard repeated calls to raise the rates now!

Steve Mantis of Thunder Bay Injured Workers told Minister Ballard

“People right now don’t have enough money to pay rent and food. Let’s raise those rates for social assistance now to the level they’re proposing in their consultation and then we’ll see right away benefit for all the communityhttp://www.chroniclejournal.com/news/basic-income-idea-supported-guaranteed-pay-could-be-around-per/article_4094bcde-df27-11e6-93b5-8ba83007319e.html

The public demands in Sault Ste. Marie and Thunder Bay, on consecutive nights, clearly put Minister Chris Ballard on the defensive – and he finally admitted that more needed to be done to raise the rates.

In the last two months participants at ten community consultations have overwhelmingly endorsed the demand to raise the rates now!

There are only three consultations left – Ottawa, Windsor and London – and we expect the support to continue and to grow.

thunder-bayEndorse the resolution here


Please share this link to the resolution in your networks.

Put Food in the Budget http://www.putfoodinthebudget.ca/


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