Basic Income Pilot Project (OBIP)  – They Said it

Most readers will be aware that the   Ontario Government selected Hamilton (with Brantford and Brant County), Thunder Bay and Lindsay as the three municipalities for the provincial basic income pilot.  The announcement was made on April 24th. The pilot will run for three years and involve four thousand people selected in the three locations.

Details on the program can be found at

Some Random Comments and Questions on OBIP

We have gathered some comments from around the province.  Feel free to add yours.

  • The project will explore the effectiveness of providing a basic income to people who are currently living on low incomes, whether they are working or not. People participating in our pilot communities will receive a minimum amount of income each year — a basic income, no matter what.  – Premier Kathleen Wynnebasic income announcement
  • This is going to help many people get a hand up and help them to get ahead and also the spinoffs of this project will be great across our area in terms of building the local economy. – Mike Perry Executive Director – City of Kawartha Lakes Family Health Team told CHEX TV.
  • So the first takeaway is that regardless of what happens in the next provincial election, all parties need to pledge allegiance to OBIP’s full three years. History tells us that the rigorous research and evaluation experts promised by the Wynne government had better be the best in their field for this will be key to a robust scientific outcome. The third-party research consortium that will evaluate the study has yet to be announced. – Jennifer Wells, columnist Toronto Star
  • We are certain a basic income pilot project will reinforce the need for income adequacy for all people in Ontario- especially for those on provincial social assistance programs who experience the deepest poverty in society – John Mills, a member of the Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction and a basic-income proponent.
  • Can you assure us that in this one, it’s a three-year pilot, that the evaluation will be ongoing and in the event it proves what we all think it will prove, that an announcement will be made prior to the end of the three years of not only the continuation for those people who are part of the pilot, but as well as expansion? Iain Angus – Mayor of Thunder Bay asked premier Wynne as reported by the Thunder Bay Newswatch.
  • While news of the pilot project is positive, the Roundtable stresses the need for more information and a comprehensive consent process to ensure participants understand the ramifications of signing up for the pilot.  Nobody should be worse off by participating in the pilot. – Hamilton Roundtable for Poverty Reduction
  • So does that mean people living next door to each other, one person’s still only going to get $700 and their neighbour’s going to get $1400 a month? It seems profoundly unfair. Sally Colquhoun, Coordinator of Legal Services at Kinna-aweya Legal Clinic told the CBC.
  • For the people who are languishing on a single income for Ontario Works, can you please make a commitment to still do something more about those folks that this ‘basic income’ maybe won’t work for or they won’t get on? – Deirdre Pike asked the Premier at the announcement.
  • This is a parallel track. We have not forgotten that – Premier Wynne in response to Deirdre Pike’s question.



2 thoughts on “Basic Income Pilot Project (OBIP)  – They Said it

  1. I think this project will help us but I think the random selection is not fair, they should give it to all people in the areas not just some.
    I have struggled since I got sick in 2012, I am now $36,000 in debt I have been told by 3 doctors I can not work at any job even though I tried and had to end up agreeing with the Drs. I am on ODSP and I have a mortgage and could end up losing my house if something does not change by summer. This pilot could save me but it’s the random selection that scares me as it would be like a needle in the haystack to win it.
    Why am I in debt so much for starters I need $200 a month just for over the counter meds that are not covered but can not do without them. ODSP docks you on all your cpp and any other income you get if they just stop doing that I be further ahead. I think they should have selected by case file need. For those who can prove they can’t work should have automatically been added to program as there is no way out of this hell I go thru monthly.
    My mortgage, taxes and condo fees take 60% of my income alone. There so many things that
    I have needed and had to use my credit cards to support myself. Now I am on the brink of bankruptcy but trying not to go there as I can’t loose my house, I have a special bathtub that I need and if I loose my house I won’t have that tub anymore and than it would be back to Bed baths.
    Having said all this yes it’s a great idea but it should be rolled out by need or by everyone in that area to be fair. Seeing my neighbor get it and she is healthy enough to work part time and than I don’t get it will be very stressful as I have so much to lose.
    So please Premier either give it to us all in those areas or at least add on the ones who are most at risk with no hope in site as they can’t work or at least stop taking every dollar we get from our cpp pensions and work pensions and let us keep that extra income.


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