Resources & Tools


OPICCO Resource sheets

Equity for Organizers tipsheet (click the following link to download pdf): Equity tipsheet

Organizing & Outreach tipsheet (click the link to download pdf): OPICCO Outreach Organizing tipsheet

Media Skills for Organizers tipsheet: OPICCO Media Skills tipsheet

OPICCO created the following statement, identifying strategic directions for community organizing in the legal clinic system:  Clinic Organizing in Ontario’s Political and Economic Landscape 2011

A brief overview of the legal clinic system in Ontario and community organizing by clinics: Legal Clinics – history and role of CD

A paper written by Prof. Mary Jane Mossman in 1994 outlining the connection between providing legal services and community development: Mossman paper – Legal Services and CD

A paper written by Michael Blazer in 1990 exploring practice and theory in the legal clinic movement in Ontario: Community Legal Clinic Movement in Ontario – 1990

OPICCO created a series of 5 posters celebrating the history of community organizing within the clinic system, called “Clinics Organize!” You can view/download the posters in English and French below:



Tools for Community Organizers:

Tenant Organizing Manual (produced by the Federation of Metro Tenants Associations)

This manual was developed to assist tenants to form self-help tenant associations and guide them through their organization and operations. There are sections on why tenants should organize, how to organize, and how to set up and manage a tenants’ association. Download the pdf here.

Facilitating Meetings Tip-sheet (created by the Catalyst Centre)

If you facilitate workshops, strategic planning sessions and meetings, you will LOVE this handy guide full of creative ideas for engaging participants, gathering information, focusing priorities, and team-building. You can download the pamphlet here: some_community_development_tools_v-8

Planning and Evaluation Tools (created by OPICCO)

These easy-to-use templates will help you plan and evaluate your next community development, law reform or public education initiative. These 4 templates have been designed specifically to assist legal clinics but could be easily adapted for other community settings. Logic Model – Public Legal Education Projects Template – Nov 2008    Logic Model- Community Development PROGRAM Template – Nov 2008     Logic Model-Community Building and Special Projects Template – Nov 2008      Logic Model – Law Reform Projects Template – Nov 2008


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